Torino 06/10/99 PsyloCyborg Report

I think psylocyborg has been better last year and the year before... but even if organised in few days also this year has been a cool party, well organised, with really good music, good djs, good atmosphere, good people.

fky has played his liveset for about 2 hours and I think it has been ace, I like his delirium-grooves and the stand-by-cotton-ecstatic moods. I dont know the names of the others france doodes who have played, they have been really a good and fluid night. they stopped when the first sun-light has begun to enter in the big factory (the place was really big and the atmosphere was weird cos there was a lot of powder in the air moved by ppl dancing (this was the only really negative thing in the night for me)...

then it was dj davich go and he kicked ass as usual, followed by dj betty from milano who kicked us hard as well and then some others brought people on and on til 4 pm when everything stopped.

really good organisation with the bar which was full of water and drinks of everykind, it was well organised to cut the cue and during the day has put everything remained on tables free for everybody.

cant say how many people there was but I think a good quantity.



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1999 Marc Gouttebroze
Amiga Made