Torino (I) 30/10/99 OLS TAD Report

Torino 30/9

People arrived in the place from the meeting point at midnight and it was strange but there was no music and we couldn't get inside to see. After two hours the street outside the factory was full of people, many vans and trucks were arriving but there was still no music because Olstad crew had some problems with their big 25Kwatt generator and nobody was able to repair it. People started to get inside... the place was a factory into an incredibly big industrial area not far from the centre of the city, i hope that someone will send his photos!

A new generator arrived from Milan at 10 in the morning !!!!!!!!...and the party began but only for a few minutes because there were some new troubles with the little new generator that burned a mixer. After an hour it was all really OK and a lot of people was still there, waiting for music since midnight!

Only a few DJs played at the beginning of the party because it was late and everybody was waiting for the french guests from oqp. Babylon Joke played very loud. He played for more than two hours: at the beginning of his set he was quiet, then he started to pump up the music and the people became crazy. The second liveset was the Teknomobilsquad one. It was a really good sound too, I like it very much.

I left the party on sunday but i think that it wouldn't stop until monday evening, so I hope that someone will continue this report...

alessandro (qirex)


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1999 Marc Gouttebroze
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