Milano (I) 18/09/99 Street Parade Report

milano street parade 18/09

The meeting point is at 3.00 pm. The most of people...and the sun arrive at 3.30 pm. From 2 days it was raining!!! FUCK!!! we live about at 4 o'clock. There is a lot of police in front of us, other police follow us,too. There is too much fuckin police! For 3 hours is very good! The people dance trought the streets behind the camions and scream against the police, but the situation is quite and happy.

Everybody enjoy themselves! At 7 o'clock we stop in front of an empty factory, in the centre of Milano, only to protest against the COMUNE (government of the city) becouse it want to transform the factory in a "trandy" legal place..."stealing" our ideas: We park the camion in front of the factory and we continue to dance and screm. The police believe we want to squat the place and make a big party inside. The police stay around the factory with helmets, shilds and clubs to prevent we go inside. For us to be there is only a provocation! But the tension is very hard...somebody fling 2 bottles against the police. FUCK!! The police run against the people! Everybody run away and scream for the fear...

The tension is harder than before: There isn't anymore happiness and joy, only fear: "They" want to divide only few people stay.
It's better to go away...too much fuckin' police. So we go to the DEPOSITO BULK, a squat near there, always dancing.

One more time we understand how is difficult to "live" in an industrial/rich city like Milano. "They" want to close our minds, our ideas,our...places...



milano street parade 18/09 milano street parade 18/09

milano street parade 18/09

milano street parade 18/09milano street parade 18/09

milano street parade 18/09

all pictures by betty


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