Roma (I) 08/07/00 World Pride Report

gaypride street party in rome

on july 8 a huge party took place in the very center of rome, beneath the ruins of circomassimo. it all started along the gay pride official rally. this one was really sad: previous pride march, last years, were smaller but happyer, maybe just two trucks but with more pride and happiness than this years one. maybe 250.000 people (someone said 100.000, someother 400.000 but...). for this 2000 pride in italy started a huge political mess: fascists against "froci" ("faggots", "get them in the coliseum, but with the lions"): catholic scum against profanation of sacred (scared) city of the jubilee; left wing bourgeoise for a "goodlooking not offending anyone" pride; ex-neo communist for the right to work even if you're gay... and so on... so, the rally was a very sad experience: silent, no pride at all. BUT, there was even the 12 meters 25kw (or more?) kernel panik tir and the SPZK truck and... can't remember. huge and massive sound, live acts from the 2 storey structure of KP, people dancing smiling and fucking all around. the truck rolled for an half of the course of the rally, then stopped at circo massimo, as the head of the rally touched the tail: all the center of rome (colosseo, piramide, aventino) was full of people. then we stayed there all the night, 'til 8 in the morning. police stayed away but lots of people from the official pride came to us. it was all sex, happiness, rage and real PRIDE. party can be riot/riot must be a party. it was the first time, that the roman freeparty (illegal) scene could reach a wild dream: partying in the heart of the city. warehouses ar good, but you are far from the city: now the sounds was pumping IN the city. there was not only kernelpanik, but even the small but glorious SPZK spaziokamino sound, with a giant mutoid bee on it. people were smiling, and happily continued fucking their minds for a long time. "free your mind, your as will follow/free your ass, your mind will follow" (parliament-funkadelic).


some photos on kyuzz.


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